Week 1 – Previews

Edited by: Megan Grande

Greytest Team Ever vs. Aquaholics

The Aquaholics will be a tough team to beat all season long. The irony here is that this grey team is basically the same I Blue Myself team from last spring. That initial chemistry should help against a star-studded Aquaholics team. Even if hurricane/tropical storm Nate misses us, it should be plenty windy. Aquaholics is stacked with more than enough players apt to handle the wind, and while Grey is a fast-breaking deep-threat team, they might not be the Greytest team to handle this wind. Expect the disc to flow through Megan Reeves and Kobe, as they’re without question the two best handlers in the wind on this team. Their best chance defensively is to use that chemistry to throw a zone to hope to frustrate a disc-savvy blue team.

Prediction: Aquaholics 15, Greytest Team Ever 11

Red Wedding vs. Smirnoff Ice Dragons

If they’re there, Jeremy will just run it up the field with Mckelvey, and that’s pretty much unstoppable. You throw in defensive playmakers like Gentry, Shaun, and Strutz, and you can already hear the band playing the “Rains of Castamere.”

The Ice Dragons will need a group effort to slow down the Red Wedding. Alton, Jonnie, and Gonot but mainly Andrea will be called upon to tame the wind. I still don’t think there’s a team that can handle Jeremy and Mckelvey—wind or no wind.

Prediction: Red Wedding 13, Smirnoff Ice Dragons 10

Pumpkin Spice Life vs. Fat Jimi & the Backstreet Boyz

Boy band versus Girl Power? Zaxby’s vs Chick-fil-A? This is probably game of the week right here. With the heavy wind conditions, PSL will lean heavily on Tony, Carlito, and Sanders to move the disc. If they get stuck, you can bet Cawley’s already wound up to jack a hammer to Pitts downfield. While Fat Jimi will be in Iceland, the green team still has Travis, Kumi, Mike, and Robbie to power them down the field. I’ll go out on a limb here and pick PSL to take this game over Fat Jimi on universe based on the simple fact that Carlito is one of if not the best pure throwers in this league, especially in the wind.

Prediction: PSL 11, Fat Jimi 10

Team Names and this weekend’s weather

We now have team names! Website is updated.
I drove by wimberly to pay for fields and this is how they looked after a long downpour. Stevens also was still dry. We know wimberly drains very well, Stevens not so much. I will monitor the field situation saturday night. If Stevens is a no go, we will fit all 3 fields horizontally on wimberly (it can fit three 35×90 fields, i measured it).
I will monitor the weather closely and make announcements via FB, website and email saturday evening. Please be aware I will not force a game if the fields can’t handle it. There is no point in playing 1 sloppy game and ruining the fields for the entire season. Also we have people coming from palm beach and miami dade county, I do not want to have them waste a drive so I am very cautious in calling the game.
Lastly with weather being this crappy, while Dec 10th still won, who here would prefer Dec 17th for finals bc lets face it, south florida weather…

2017 Fall Draft Recap

Red Wedding

Draft Grade: A

Holy smokes batman! Langdon, Mckelvey, Strutz, paired with Gentry, Alissa and Darly. This team is lethal with their studs as they are with their role players in Nate and Stoller.

Sleepers: Yeah Vanessa is only here at the end of the season, but she was just at Worlds. Clearly Shaun was focused solely on playoffs.


Draft Grade: A

So lets just call a spade a spade. Mischa has never lost a league. And while “he’s just tall”, you throw in a supporting cast of Brad Tinney, Frank the Tank, 2x Megans, Rie, Rachel, the Smiths, and oy vey how did he draft so well?

Sleepers: Most don’t know who Brad Tinney is… they gonna learn what the former Med Men and current Swing State player can do. If not anything, he’s an observer so expect a shit ton of travel calls.


Draft Grade: B-

A post draft trade to grab Megan Reeves pulls this team out of a jam bc outside of Giulian, Gray neglected to draft pure handlers to run the disc through. They are flanked by an incredible corp or cutters but expect disc savvy players to be run ragged forced to play both ways.

Sleepers: Jason Warley is a journeyman with some high level international experience in the asian ultimate scene.


Draft Grade: A+

How does someone drafting 4th get this good of a team? The only weakness on this team is if someone brings a box of Zaxbys to the field. Travis, Kumi, Jaime, Mike, and Robbie are all players who just aren’t only good in their own right; they make their teammates better with unselfish play.

Sleepers: I’ll once again admit to facebook stalking but I’ve never shared a field with Maryellen, but from the looks of it the girl knows how to ball out.


Draft Grade: B

This is a team that is defensively focused but just not in the height department. If the the fall season proves to be windy, this team has more than enough handlers to slice and dice through the wind.

Sleepers: Through Facebook stalking I can’t be sure if this is a Dylan Baker who plays in the seattle youth scene, or the son of Miami longtime James Baker. Either way he should surprise people


Draft Grade: B-

This draft grade gets upgraded massively if Eric Lewis gets healthy. With Alton, BMo, Jonnie and a healthy Lewis, this team has the height to go toe to toe with anyone. They will be relying heavily on Andrea to run the offense and thats always the smart play. The biggest question mark will be who ends up supporting her in the backfield?

Sleepers: Chris O’Connor is a capable lanky hybrid who should see plenty of touches due to his versatility.

6 Teams

Today we expand to 6 teams for league. Registration was closed on Thursday. Captains are preparing to draft, teams posted late next week.

2017 Fall League

We’ve had 2 very successful seasons under our belt. The initial reaction is to grow this league and continue the momentum as we have several high level players returning to league with the AUDL season being over. I would love to see a 6 team league. It allows us to not play the same teams more than twice in a season.

Last year we were also able to play several games with a true mixed 4/3 gender ratio. While I know the male female ratio should be more even across the entire ROSTER than a line, I hope to continue to make similar strides.

With that being said, if you want 6 teams, we need to have a minimum 30 women register for league. If we can’t get there, I know there will be more men than we have space for with 4 teams. Spots for men in fall league will be decided on a criteria of previous season’s attendance, play ability, and spirit.

I know this is a closed group, and while i invited almost everyone, i’m sure i’ve left a few out by accident. So please, get more women and people in general to play league: http://browardultimate.timvo.org/index.php/register/

Week 7 – Recap!

Red Hot Cherry Poppers 14, I Blue Myself 12

[Game Stats]

In the last game of the regular season, Finals favorites I Blue Myself and Red Hot Cherry Poppers met for one last clash of the Titans. The game started out even, with both teams trading blows. The wind played a major factor, running basically parallel to the field, creating clear upwind and downwind sides. Musings on the sidelines were that the first team to break upwind would take the game. Unfortunately for the Tobias Fünke emulators, those Cherry Poppin Daddies (and Mamas?) took the first upwind break. This provided them with some momentum, which they used to repeatedly plow Blue’s defense. At first, the Blue team seemed to be willing to roll over and take the punishment. Down 7-4 leading into the end of the half, Blue did take a timeout to catch their breath and clean themselves up. It did little good; Red took the half up 8-6. Coming out of the half, Blue stepped up the defensive intensity with 2 layout blocks in the same point from Giulian Jauregui (unfortunately Blue wasn’t able to capitalize) and another spectacular layout block to save a score from Christian Pitts. Despite Blue getting horizontal on the D, Red continued to push the disc downfield and into the end zone with relative ease. As the Cherry Poppers consistently crammed it in over and over again, Blue was true to its name in one sense (coming close, but being stopped just on the cusp of finishing). At the end of the game, Blue finally found their rhythm and began to make a run. Finally, Blue brought the ga.e within one as hard cap came on, giving them just one opportunity to even the score and bring it to universe. However, Red’s dominance in this game would not be questioned. While they gave the disc away a few times during that last point, and whined about the score and assholes falling on them (Shaun), ultimately they came out on top.

*Author’s Note If you are unfamiliar with the show Arrested Development, it might help to inform you that Tobias Fünke is a character on the show known for being a “never nude”(hence the jorts) and for frequently and unknowingly using many sexual innuendos. Hopefully this helps to explain the style in which this recap was written.

Written by: Giulian Jauregui

I Like Turtles 15, Plain White D’s 8

[Game Stats]

In a game that would determine the #1 seed heading into playoffs, both teams took a skeleton crew of a roster to the regular season finale. Despite the conditions, both teams seemed to deal with wind just fine since the players who all showed up were adept handlers. Plain White D’s only brought 6 players, so they relied on some steady pick ups with Chris Cawley and Corey Whittaker. Conversely I Like Turtles started the game with only 9 players and with Lari as their only female player; forcing them to play down 1 on defense for half the game when White would opt to play 5-2.

Points were traded early on with both teams holding. Green stuck with their patented handler focused vert stack, trading throwing options for more space for their handlers to cut and get open. To try and get an advantage and also save legs, White would occasionally throw zone which would slow Green down but not stop them from scoring. Carlito and Andrea played the role of field generals for White, often and successfully sending Matt Villa deep for multiple scores.

The Turtles would make their break on the game with the belated arrival of Megan “I do in 1 half what most players do in 2” Reeves. After a hotly contested time out where Green just needed an extra 30s for her to get her cleats on and not play another defensive point shorthanded, Megan proceeded to make her presence known. Late arrivals also included Tim “My bad I overslept” Strutzenberg, and Brandon “Nah fuck this i’m not playing” Garcia. Adding more weapons downfield would allow Green to go on a YUGE run out of the half. The game would end up getting away from White and the Turtles would end up snatching the #1 seed and the decision on who to play 1st round in this weeks playoff tournament.

Week 7 – Previews

I Like Turtles vs Plain White D’s

This one is literally for all the marbles. Both teams stand at 4-2 but Plain White D’s hold the head to head record currently at 2-0. The Turtles need to win out to guarantee the 1st seed heading into playoffs. Despite already playing twice, both these teams have yet to face each other at full strength. This week will be more of the same. Conditions might be a little less than optimal for ultimate. White will bring an impressive defensive presence with Garcia far an away the clear defensive MVP, but unfortunately he can’t cover the entire team. My prediction is that green will once again grinds this one out to try and lock up the 1st seed for playoffs.

Prediction: I Like Turtles 13, Plain White D’s 12

Red Hot Cherry Poppers vs I Blue Myself

It would be a great wedding present if Blue could get the win for Frank and Megan this weekend. The Red Hot Cherry Poppers will definitely look to be wedding crashers this weekend. Red has had ample attendance all season long and it will look to pay dividends against what looks to be a thin blue squad (numbers wise, not waistline). Fresh legs typically beat tired ones, especially with a high flying team like Red. Accounting for wedding hangovers, I’m giving the edge to Red giving them the series against Blue 2-1.

Prediction: Red Hot Cherry Poppers 11, I Blue Myself 8

Week 6 Recap!

Commissioner’s Note: Please note we will be off Easter weekend. Also Casey Burrows is planning some beach/party shenanigans this weekend. BUL will be contributing mimosas Iain Forgey will be picking up a gallon of OJ and 2 bottles of champagne from me this week. If said items go missing, blame him.

I Like Turtles 14, I Blue Myself 13

[Game States]

The conditions were ideal for some good ultimate, and that is exactly what we got Sunday morning. After trading points early, Blue went on a complete tear on green. Frank looking for redemption after getting shut out of the stat sheet last in week 5, kept the offense flowing. They took advantage of the Turtles bend don’t break defense early with with easy inside breaks and even easier force side unders. Frank and Giulian kept the offense going at a frenetic pace while Green still had no answer for both Pitts and Elijah downfield. The Turtles conversely just had problems connecting on offense. Playing primarily out of the vert stack, the cutters were just jammed and impatient. Whenever their offense did get moving, it was just a one off poorly thrown reset, or a hammer/huck going a tad too far that would put the brakes on green’s flow. I Blue Myself took this opportunity to jump ahead taking half 8-4 in only 40 min of play.

If there’s one thing about the green team, its their ability to wear down an opponent and refocus; the 2nd half was a completely different ball game. While the stats sheets don’t reflect this, Green leaned heavily on the play of Joe Cutrono and Megan Reeves. While their cutters still had timing issues downfield and cutting out of turn; Joe, Megan, and Adam would literally march up the field with an impressive array of break swings into upline J cuts to will green to the endzone. Green’s women had been playing great defense on blue’s dominant female cutters in Stacy and Bock; in the 2nd half they took it beyond shutdown D, to Reeves and Lari wrecking havoc in open space with some great poach D’s; the latter netting her own hat trick of blocks. While struggling early on offensively, Peter Freystaetter would come up with a huge defensive play out of a timeout that would turn the tide and find Green tying the game at 10-10.

Every point after were traded in hotly contested battles. An irrelevant softcap would sound with the game being 13-12 in green’s favor. Highlights include Frank making an incredible toe the line snag just over the outstretched arms of the 6’7 Freystaetter and Charlie chasing down a wide open deep cutter to make a last second tip D to save the easy score. Hard cap would sound with the game at 13-13 indicating that there would be no universe point. It was a hotly contested defensive battle with both teams being at the doorstep of the endzone but unable to punch it in. The final few plays were controversial as they were pivotal; pick calls negated a potential green score, while 2 controversial foul on the throw calls let green keep with possession at the doorstep, close to the win. A legitimate hand block from Frank would end up being in vain as Charlie managed to hop forward catching his own disc in the endzone for the 14-13 win.

Plain White D’s 15, Red Hot Cherry Poppers 9

[Game Stats]

Hello and welcome to the week 16 recap of Small White D’s vs the Red Hot Cherry Poppers.  Fun fact: The band, Red Hot Chili Peppers, was actually originally named Red Hot Cherry Poppers. They had to change their name, along with some song lyrics to “Give it Away”, when they appeared on the Krusty the Clown show back in the early 1990’s, due to network pressure to make the band more family friendly.  The name stuck, but the lyrics were only changed for the night. Ok, now that you’re all a little smarter….back to the recap.

Sunday could quite possibly have been one of the nicest days ever for a game of Ultimate! A very light breeze wafted across the field on a partly cloudy morning as the teams took the fields.  At first pull SWD’s was savage, but for mercenary (and your humble narrator) Corey Whittaker.  RHCP (who will be sued for copyright infringement once the use of these initials gets out) was at nearly full strength, including  Rocco’s Taco’s legend and first round draft pick Edwin “Eddie” Sanchez.  Loaded with ladies, (Allison, Lian, Darly, Katie) and with long time teammates Tim “I’m to sick for beach ultimate” Elfrink, and Mike “the Bone Crusher” Sanders Red looked to get off to a Hot start!  That they did!! Within mere minutes they had a two nothing lead and seemed in control and confident.  Unfortunately for the poopers, this was not to last.  Unlike the last time these two teams met, white maintained composure, and with the arrival of some reinforcements (Including the likes of Gentry and McKelvey), white took 6 of the next 7 points to open a comfortable 6 – 3 lead.  Notable highlights were Matt “the Misha Massacring Master” Bristol getting a seriously athletic D, and later a catch, against his much taller and widely renowned opponent.  Also of note: Rie, Misha’s beautiful and Ultimately talented wife, kept pace with her husband’s legendary family name by being a one woman red wrecking crew. She was catching everything on offense, even when it wasn’t thrown to her (Thanks for that by the way), and flying all over on D.  When she eventually went down, she just rubbed on some dirt and got back up!  It was a truly an inspirational performance.  While the game felt good spirited and fun for both teams, white acted like they knew how to win, and did so with little to no drama.  

I should mention that Misha and McKelvey had very nice games for white, but when you set the bar so high, exceptional performances often become expected… Bar = Lowered.  Next time I’ll take notes.  I’m drinking Yuengling this time…

Ok fuck it. Red, you lost because BMO wasn’t there. There I said it, it needed to be said.

Written by: Corey Whittaker with Yuengling