Fall 17 Playoffs

Where: Wimberly Fields Park 4000 NE 3rd Ave, Oakland Park, FL 33334
When: Dec 17th, 9 AM

The stage is set for BUL’s largest playoff tournament yet. 6 teams enter, 1 takes the crown. Aquaholics and Greytest Team Ever have locked up 1st round byes. Here’s the following rules for finals:

Quarters: 90 min (soft at 75, hard at 85) games to 11. 1 TO per half, no floater. No TO in hard/soft cap
Semis: 105 min (soft at 85, hard 100) games to 13. 1 TO per half, 1 floater. No TO in hard cap
Finals: Game to 15 (no caps unless commish intervention on unbearably long game). 1 TO per half, 1 floater

I will bring my camera equipment so make sure to smile for the camera.

It’s been another great season. We should have some incredible weather. Thanks for playing and lets go out with a BANG!

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