Week 6 Previews

CBS4 will be doing a “Moving You” segment on ultimate frisbee. If you’d like to be on TV, be at wimberly at 10 am. Games will start at 10:30 am this weekend to accommodate anyone who’d like to participate.

Greytest Team Ever vs Red Wedding

Grey is embattled in a tight race finish top 2 and secure a 1st round bye for playoffs. Red Wedding is just plain out for blood, looking to salvage a season, find their chemistry and ready to make some upsets during the post season. It’s a classic tale of 2 teams. Grey has height, attendance, and the wins; Red is short, savage and hungry to a win. Grey wants the win, Red needs the win. #TeamRed

Prediction: Red Wedding 15, Greytest Team Ever 13

Pumpkin Spice Life vs Fat Jimi & the Backstreet Boyz

Orange owned this match up week 1 but will be without Edwin and Cawley who flew the coop to Colorado. Fat Jimi will be without top draft picks Travis and Robbie. This is really anyones game right here. The late Canes game in the ACC Championship will most likely lead to both teams fielding massive hangovers. In that situation, I believe the green team can hold and handle their liquor better than orange. Advantage green.

Prediction: Fat Jimi & the Backstreet Boyz 14, Pumpkin Spice Life 11

Smirnoff Ice Dragons vs Aquaholics

The last time these 2 teams met it ended on universe. I don’t expect any different in this game of the week. Both teams are playing excellent ultimate and its a coin flip on who’s going to take it. For me personally I just want chaos of 4 teams at 4-2 heading into seeding determinations so I’m rooting for white.

Prediction: Smirnoff Ice Dragons 15, Aquaholics 14

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