Week 5 Previews!

Fat Jimi & the Backstreet Boyz vs Aquaholics

This should be a slugfest clash of the titans type battle. Misha vs Travis, Kumi vs Megan, Looney vs Brad, Rachel vs Rie, Frank vs Mike, Robbie vs the Smiths, Jimi vs Zaxby’s all you can eat chicken tender combo… etc. It’s hard to pick against Misha but I think green pulls it out here. As the season winds down, and with a playoff 1st round bye, I think green turns it on here and shows that the blue team and bleed. Blue has skirted by with 2 universe point wins this season, I think their luck ends here.

Prediction: Fat Jimi & the Backstreet Boyz 15, Aquaholics 13

Red Wedding vs Pumpkin Spice Life

Is this the week the red team puts it together? Playing near savage every game doesn’t help, but it has emboldened the players who do show up with more confidence due to the high touch count every player is forced upon. PSL is just one of those team-centric defensive minded teams that will just wear you down with their faceless army approach. While the odds seem stacked against red, I’m still placing all my chips on red and seeing where the roulette wheel lands.

Prediction: Red Wedding 15, Pumpkin Spice Life 14

Smirnoff Ice Dragons vs Greytest Team Ever

In the game of the week, this is a battle for absolute control of 2nd place. The Ice Dragons come into this game hot looking to rally behind their injured teammate. Corey Whittaker once again proved to be a masterful draft tactician, finding incredible value in players even late into the draft. That depth will hopefully come in handy as they face a hot streaking grey team. This game will prove to be a slugfest for the ages, but I think the Ice Dragons have just a bit more depth at the handler spot and better defenders in the air to take down grey.

Prediction: Smirnoff Ice Dragons 15, Greytest Team Ever 12

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