A Song of Flicks and Hucks and Previews

Written by: The Three-Cup Raven (Yehuda)

Even though we are in the early weeks of Fall 2017 BUL season, the lord of light has shined his fiery glow upon us all and commanded that we formally complete a write up discussing each Teams Game of Thrones Spirit Characters. I mean….this is “ A game of throws”.

And yes…I said spirit character.

Much like the more common spirit animals, a spirit character is the embodiment of the teams traits and skill sets. Now I’ve have spent countless hours praying to the old gods and the new gods trying to find the perfect fit for each team, so here we go.

Green vs. White
Fat Jimi and the Backstreet Boyz
Captain– Looney
Spirit Character– Petyr Baelish “Littlefinger”

  • This team was a tough team to characterize. It was a back and forth between Ramsay and Baelish, but ultimately, I felt that no team deserves to have the spirit of Ramsay. Looney ( The two-time spirit award winner) has made it clear that he will no longer accept being a spirit award winner. As such, much like Littlefinger, he has been working behind the scenes manipulating the draft board to his advantage ( How else could he have landed two Cannons Players). His dominos are all in place and he is ready to let them fall. Come playoff time, there is no doubt they will be in contention.

Smirnoff Ice Dragons
Captain– Corey
Spirit Character– The Targaryens

  • It’s been a tough road for White with both of their games decided on universe point. But, if there is any team that can bring together the south florida ultimate kingdoms, it would be white. These mothers of dragons are loaded from top to bottom. Corey, with his khaleesi by his side, has drafted a careful mix of wily unsullied’ and dothrakis to his roster. Each hard fought battle is making this team grow stronger. They will be a force to reckon with  come playoffs…unless they figure out they slept with their nephew. A fitting spirit character for these vanilla colored fire breathers.

Prediction– Fire definitely wins this battle as white will rely on a collective effort to put away green. 15-13

Red vs. Grey
Red Wedding
Captain– Shaun
Spirit Characters– The Lannisters

  • What spirit character is more fitting than the orchestrators of the Red Wedding.  Shaun definitely sent his regards to the rest of league when he drafted this roster. So far red can’t be too happy with how the table has been set, but they are poised to turn over the table. Although red has struggled with two early losses, this team is built to cut the hearts out of their opponents week in and week out with dynamic cutters and tenacious D.  With reds aspirations of ultimate glory hanging in the balance, they will stop at nothing to achieve their goals.

Greyest team ever
Captains– Elijah and Stacy
Spirit Characters– The Greyjoys

  • No character in the GOT series has endured more agony and strife than poor Theon. And just like the former ward, Greyest will spend most of this season trying to find their identity. With limited handlers, this roster will have to dig deep and call upon people to play outside of their natural positions to get the disc moving. But at the end of the road, there will be redemption for Grey……ehhh……who am I kidding… we all know how their story will end 🙂

Prediction– Redemption for poor Theon won’t come today as Red will handle their business on the battlefield. 15-12

Pumpkin Spice Life
Captains– Lian and Tony
Spirit Characters– The Starks

  • The north remembers…more like the south remembers with all the Miami talent on this team. Orange is like a swiss army knife when it comes to their talent. They have a line up to fit what each team will give them. Winter has finally arrived in the series, but come winter time and the playoffs, Orange will be ready to roll.

Captain– Yehuda
Spirit Character– Aegon Targaryen/Jon Snow

  • Just like baby Aegon, Team blue was shunned at first. Yehuda has even been told IRL that “He knows nothing when it comes to ultimate drafting”, but look at them now. This team is destined for great things. Blue has had the ability to rally its troops to buy into teamwork and sacrifice for the greater good. Much like the true heir to the Iron Throne, Blue is a mix of Fire and Ice when they are on the field. They can burn you with their throws, or can chill the fiercest D-lines with their ability to control the disc.
  • “ We are the watchers of the zone wall”

Prediction– Starks vs.Stark…Jon wins this one, but not without a fight. I smell another win on universe point for blue. 15-14

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