Week 2 – Previews

Edited by: Megan Grande

Red Wedding vs. Fat Jimi & the Backstreet Boyz

This will be another slugfest, as both teams are searching for their first win this season. Red Wedding will look to come off a painful universe point loss against Smirnoff Ice Dragons, while spirit captain Loony hopes to keep morale high after his team’s loss to Pumpkin Spice Life. On paper, this matchup seems pretty even. Travis/Langdon, Kumi/Gentry, Robbie/Mckelvey, Jaime/Alissa, Fioramonti/Strutz, and so on…The deciding factor in my opinion is that the Backstreet Boyz will still be missing Fat Jimi, who is in Iceland. Advantage Red.

Prediction: Red Wedding 15, Fat Jimi & the Backstreet Boyz 14

Pumpkin Spice Life vs. Greytest Team Ever

PSL will look to continue their run against the Greytest Team Ever but will encounter some adversity with Grey’s captain and big, Elijah Grady, returning this week. He will no doubt be a tall order to cover, but his penchant for staying behind to handle will mitigate some of the downfield havoc he could cause. The pivotal matchup will be seeing two peerless cutters in Lari and Stacy going head-to-head.

Prediction: Greytest Team Ever 13, Pumpkin Spice Life 11

Aquaholics vs. Smirnoff Ice Dragons

This contest between the two undefeated teams will be the game of the week! Smirnoff Ice Dragons showed that they could dig deep for a comeback universe win against Red Wedding last week. They will need to avoid going in the hole against Aquaholics because that team is relentless. If anyone can slow Mischa down, it’s Jet, and the Florida alum will definitely have his hands full. The dragons will need to be incredibly smart with how they handle their matchups, as this Aquaholics team is deep.

Prediction: Aquaholics 15, Smirnoff Ice Dragons 13

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