Week 1 – Previews

Edited by: Megan Grande

Greytest Team Ever vs. Aquaholics

The Aquaholics will be a tough team to beat all season long. The irony here is that this grey team is basically the same I Blue Myself team from last spring. That initial chemistry should help against a star-studded Aquaholics team. Even if hurricane/tropical storm Nate misses us, it should be plenty windy. Aquaholics is stacked with more than enough players apt to handle the wind, and while Grey is a fast-breaking deep-threat team, they might not be the Greytest team to handle this wind. Expect the disc to flow through Megan Reeves and Kobe, as they’re without question the two best handlers in the wind on this team. Their best chance defensively is to use that chemistry to throw a zone to hope to frustrate a disc-savvy blue team.

Prediction: Aquaholics 15, Greytest Team Ever 11

Red Wedding vs. Smirnoff Ice Dragons

If they’re there, Jeremy will just run it up the field with Mckelvey, and that’s pretty much unstoppable. You throw in defensive playmakers like Gentry, Shaun, and Strutz, and you can already hear the band playing the “Rains of Castamere.”

The Ice Dragons will need a group effort to slow down the Red Wedding. Alton, Jonnie, and Gonot but mainly Andrea will be called upon to tame the wind. I still don’t think there’s a team that can handle Jeremy and Mckelvey—wind or no wind.

Prediction: Red Wedding 13, Smirnoff Ice Dragons 10

Pumpkin Spice Life vs. Fat Jimi & the Backstreet Boyz

Boy band versus Girl Power? Zaxby’s vs Chick-fil-A? This is probably game of the week right here. With the heavy wind conditions, PSL will lean heavily on Tony, Carlito, and Sanders to move the disc. If they get stuck, you can bet Cawley’s already wound up to jack a hammer to Pitts downfield. While Fat Jimi will be in Iceland, the green team still has Travis, Kumi, Mike, and Robbie to power them down the field. I’ll go out on a limb here and pick PSL to take this game over Fat Jimi on universe based on the simple fact that Carlito is one of if not the best pure throwers in this league, especially in the wind.

Prediction: PSL 11, Fat Jimi 10

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