Team Names and this weekend’s weather

We now have team names! Website is updated.
I drove by wimberly to pay for fields and this is how they looked after a long downpour. Stevens also was still dry. We know wimberly drains very well, Stevens not so much. I will monitor the field situation saturday night. If Stevens is a no go, we will fit all 3 fields horizontally on wimberly (it can fit three 35×90 fields, i measured it).
I will monitor the weather closely and make announcements via FB, website and email saturday evening. Please be aware I will not force a game if the fields can’t handle it. There is no point in playing 1 sloppy game and ruining the fields for the entire season. Also we have people coming from palm beach and miami dade county, I do not want to have them waste a drive so I am very cautious in calling the game.
Lastly with weather being this crappy, while Dec 10th still won, who here would prefer Dec 17th for finals bc lets face it, south florida weather…

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