2017 Fall Draft Recap

Red Wedding

Draft Grade: A

Holy smokes batman! Langdon, Mckelvey, Strutz, paired with Gentry, Alissa and Darly. This team is lethal with their studs as they are with their role players in Nate and Stoller.

Sleepers: Yeah Vanessa is only here at the end of the season, but she was just at Worlds. Clearly Shaun was focused solely on playoffs.


Draft Grade: A

So lets just call a spade a spade. Mischa has never lost a league. And while “he’s just tall”, you throw in a supporting cast of Brad Tinney, Frank the Tank, 2x Megans, Rie, Rachel, the Smiths, and oy vey how did he draft so well?

Sleepers: Most don’t know who Brad Tinney is… they gonna learn what the former Med Men and current Swing State player can do. If not anything, he’s an observer so expect a shit ton of travel calls.


Draft Grade: B-

A post draft trade to grab Megan Reeves pulls this team out of a jam bc outside of Giulian, Gray neglected to draft pure handlers to run the disc through. They are flanked by an incredible corp or cutters but expect disc savvy players to be run ragged forced to play both ways.

Sleepers: Jason Warley is a journeyman with some high level international experience in the asian ultimate scene.


Draft Grade: A+

How does someone drafting 4th get this good of a team? The only weakness on this team is if someone brings a box of Zaxbys to the field. Travis, Kumi, Jaime, Mike, and Robbie are all players who just aren’t only good in their own right; they make their teammates better with unselfish play.

Sleepers: I’ll once again admit to facebook stalking but I’ve never shared a field with Maryellen, but from the looks of it the girl knows how to ball out.


Draft Grade: B

This is a team that is defensively focused but just not in the height department. If the the fall season proves to be windy, this team has more than enough handlers to slice and dice through the wind.

Sleepers: Through Facebook stalking I can’t be sure if this is a Dylan Baker who plays in the seattle youth scene, or the son of Miami longtime James Baker. Either way he should surprise people


Draft Grade: B-

This draft grade gets upgraded massively if Eric Lewis gets healthy. With Alton, BMo, Jonnie and a healthy Lewis, this team has the height to go toe to toe with anyone. They will be relying heavily on Andrea to run the offense and thats always the smart play. The biggest question mark will be who ends up supporting her in the backfield?

Sleepers: Chris O’Connor is a capable lanky hybrid who should see plenty of touches due to his versatility.

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