2017 Fall League

We’ve had 2 very successful seasons under our belt. The initial reaction is to grow this league and continue the momentum as we have several high level players returning to league with the AUDL season being over. I would love to see a 6 team league. It allows us to not play the same teams more than twice in a season.

Last year we were also able to play several games with a true mixed 4/3 gender ratio. While I know the male female ratio should be more even across the entire ROSTER than a line, I hope to continue to make similar strides.

With that being said, if you want 6 teams, we need to have a minimum 30 women register for league. If we can’t get there, I know there will be more men than we have space for with 4 teams. Spots for men in fall league will be decided on a criteria of previous season’s attendance, play ability, and spirit.

I know this is a closed group, and while i invited almost everyone, i’m sure i’ve left a few out by accident. So please, get more women and people in general to play league: http://browardultimate.timvo.org/index.php/register/

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  1. Hi Tim.
    I didn’t hear about this league until a little bit ago when Prada added me to the Facebook group. I put myself on the waitlist. I understand that as a guy and a lower level player, I probably won’t make it in. But, if there’s any chance, I would really love to play!

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