Week 7 – Recap!

Red Hot Cherry Poppers 14, I Blue Myself 12

[Game Stats]

In the last game of the regular season, Finals favorites I Blue Myself and Red Hot Cherry Poppers met for one last clash of the Titans. The game started out even, with both teams trading blows. The wind played a major factor, running basically parallel to the field, creating clear upwind and downwind sides. Musings on the sidelines were that the first team to break upwind would take the game. Unfortunately for the Tobias Fünke emulators, those Cherry Poppin Daddies (and Mamas?) took the first upwind break. This provided them with some momentum, which they used to repeatedly plow Blue’s defense. At first, the Blue team seemed to be willing to roll over and take the punishment. Down 7-4 leading into the end of the half, Blue did take a timeout to catch their breath and clean themselves up. It did little good; Red took the half up 8-6. Coming out of the half, Blue stepped up the defensive intensity with 2 layout blocks in the same point from Giulian Jauregui (unfortunately Blue wasn’t able to capitalize) and another spectacular layout block to save a score from Christian Pitts. Despite Blue getting horizontal on the D, Red continued to push the disc downfield and into the end zone with relative ease. As the Cherry Poppers consistently crammed it in over and over again, Blue was true to its name in one sense (coming close, but being stopped just on the cusp of finishing). At the end of the game, Blue finally found their rhythm and began to make a run. Finally, Blue brought the ga.e within one as hard cap came on, giving them just one opportunity to even the score and bring it to universe. However, Red’s dominance in this game would not be questioned. While they gave the disc away a few times during that last point, and whined about the score and assholes falling on them (Shaun), ultimately they came out on top.

*Author’s Note If you are unfamiliar with the show Arrested Development, it might help to inform you that Tobias Fünke is a character on the show known for being a “never nude”(hence the jorts) and for frequently and unknowingly using many sexual innuendos. Hopefully this helps to explain the style in which this recap was written.

Written by: Giulian Jauregui

I Like Turtles 15, Plain White D’s 8

[Game Stats]

In a game that would determine the #1 seed heading into playoffs, both teams took a skeleton crew of a roster to the regular season finale. Despite the conditions, both teams seemed to deal with wind just fine since the players who all showed up were adept handlers. Plain White D’s only brought 6 players, so they relied on some steady pick ups with Chris Cawley and Corey Whittaker. Conversely I Like Turtles started the game with only 9 players and with Lari as their only female player; forcing them to play down 1 on defense for half the game when White would opt to play 5-2.

Points were traded early on with both teams holding. Green stuck with their patented handler focused vert stack, trading throwing options for more space for their handlers to cut and get open. To try and get an advantage and also save legs, White would occasionally throw zone which would slow Green down but not stop them from scoring. Carlito and Andrea played the role of field generals for White, often and successfully sending Matt Villa deep for multiple scores.

The Turtles would make their break on the game with the belated arrival of Megan “I do in 1 half what most players do in 2” Reeves. After a hotly contested time out where Green just needed an extra 30s for her to get her cleats on and not play another defensive point shorthanded, Megan proceeded to make her presence known. Late arrivals also included Tim “My bad I overslept” Strutzenberg, and Brandon “Nah fuck this i’m not playing” Garcia. Adding more weapons downfield would allow Green to go on a YUGE run out of the half. The game would end up getting away from White and the Turtles would end up snatching the #1 seed and the decision on who to play 1st round in this weeks playoff tournament.

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