Week 7 – Previews

I Like Turtles vs Plain White D’s

This one is literally for all the marbles. Both teams stand at 4-2 but Plain White D’s hold the head to head record currently at 2-0. The Turtles need to win out to guarantee the 1st seed heading into playoffs. Despite already playing twice, both these teams have yet to face each other at full strength. This week will be more of the same. Conditions might be a little less than optimal for ultimate. White will bring an impressive defensive presence with Garcia far an away the clear defensive MVP, but unfortunately he can’t cover the entire team. My prediction is that green will once again grinds this one out to try and lock up the 1st seed for playoffs.

Prediction: I Like Turtles 13, Plain White D’s 12

Red Hot Cherry Poppers vs I Blue Myself

It would be a great wedding present if Blue could get the win for Frank and Megan this weekend. The Red Hot Cherry Poppers will definitely look to be wedding crashers this weekend. Red has had ample attendance all season long and it will look to pay dividends against what looks to be a thin blue squad (numbers wise, not waistline). Fresh legs typically beat tired ones, especially with a high flying team like Red. Accounting for wedding hangovers, I’m giving the edge to Red giving them the series against Blue 2-1.

Prediction: Red Hot Cherry Poppers 11, I Blue Myself 8

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