Week 5 Recap!

Commissioner’s Note: We are off this weekend with beach tourney and cannon’s weekend killing attendance. It’s important to say that at the mid season mark, its incredible that 1 game separates all the teams. The games for the most part have been very competitive and intensely fought. Also heres the dog that kept picking up every cone I put down on the south fields. Took me over half an hour to set up with Monet and Connor laughing at me.

If we have numbers, I will get fields and have pick up Sunday morning.

I Like Turtles 15, Red Hot Cherry Poppers 14

[Game Stats]

KOBE WUZ HERE (80% attendance rating be damned) …but the same couldn’t be said for the rest of the green team. Playing with only 2 subs on the hot turf against a streaking Red Hot Cherry Poppers who were out en masse. You’d imagine a team this low on numbers would gain chemistry quickly playing every point together but that was not the case. Red generated break after break jumping out to an early 4-1 lead while green struggled to find what to do with 2 new players who’ve yet to play in their system. While a lot of the turns forced didn’t register as a D, it definitely was all credit to the red’s tight man defense that forced all those breaks. In fact that suffocating D lead to an emphatic callahan for Anish early on. Of course with that exclamation point also signaled a changing of the tide. Peter Freystaetter sparked the come back coming down with some huge deep grabs. Whenever short from the endzone, he was able to hit the easy uplines throws for the score.

In all honesty though, when Green needed a lift, they went to their women to do all the heavy lifting. If Reeves, Kumi and Lari were on the field, the offense would always hold. Elrink, Sanders, Rocco and T steadied the red offense, but Green would continue to throw a new zone and man looks on defense to disrupt Red’s rhythm. A few crucial breaks and green would break back to bring it to within 1 at half. The 2nd half was just a bloodbath with long drawn out battling points. Major highlights include spectacular layout D’s from Matt Bristol and Brandon Morrison.

Soft cap was rendered useless with both teams being tied at 13. With more grinding back and forth play, the turtles were finally able to generate another turn and called their 1st timeout of the game (2 subs and no TOs for 26 straight points folks) looking to punch it in for the lead. After watching the turtles set up, the red team sniffed out the play set up and easily poached the drawn up handler zip cut for the turn. This scenario would repeat itself until the game was tied 14-14 with hard cap going off. In the waning moments the green kill line, once again leaned on their women played super patient offense, and knocked in the win despite never leading in the game other than opening 1-0. Props to both teams playing 4-3 as much as possible!

I Blue Myself 15, Plain White D’s 9

[Game Stats]

Hello and welcome to the week… uhhh week 3?? 4??? Um that time AJ was there and kept stats for blue week recap of Red BUL… er Blue Steel… er I Blew Myself vs Small White D’s.  Correction: I BLUE Myself vs Plain White D’s. (That’s what you get when no one volunteers to do the recap and Tim assigns someone… but I digress.)

It was a beautiful bright sunny March morning in a Fort Lauderdale ghetto when Blue and White took the field to battle for ultimate supremacy! Following standard Whittaker procedure, Sofia and I were late and had to warm up during the first few points so while the beginning is a bit hazy, I’ll do my best.  As I recall at least two of the first four points had about a thousand (yes a thousand… I was counting) turnovers. Blue came out on the scoring end of both of these, one of which was grabbed by a streaking puff of hair known lovingly throughout the SFL ultimate community as Daniel Prada.  It is this writer’s opinion that blue coming out on top of both hard fought points set the tone for the rest of the game, despite being down 3 in the beginning.  

Blue was steadied on offense by “run the disc through me” Rosie and Frank “the zero stats tank” on offense.  One of the major keys to blues victory on both sides of the disc was the way the girls kept “Megan plays”!  Despite all the work blue was putting in white would not go down easily.  Solid and impressively patient handler play from Carlito, Zack, Garcia, and Andrew Cox allowed for some really nice dump swings back and forth across the goal line until a score. Smooth cutter play from Connor, Nathan, and Villa also added to blues woes.  The oft open Rie, Sofie, Monet and Gentry seemed to be playing well but were ultimately under utilized by the white squad. By halftime, I Blue Myself’s fast paced, throw first, think later, style allowed them to rally back from a 2 break deficit on the backs of Jonnie L and Julian J… or G (sorry Julian I’m too lazy to go on fb to check) to take a 8-6 lead at half. At which point disaster struck!!!  SFL’s own, and much loved, Megan Wilke (Soon to be Grande) injured her thumb trying to catch a disc and had to sit out the second half leaving blue with only one girl.

At this point, Garcia, the benevolent and wise leader of small white D’s, allowed Blew to play a 6/1 guy girl ratio despite being flush with girls on his own team.  Blue decided to repay him by hatching an evil plot to take their time back to the line. This diabolical scheme, in all of its dark wisdom, infuriated Garcia and he became more of an ultimate machine than man in the second half.  Despite Garcia flying all over the field, blue found stability in Kelvin’s patient hands and the positive play of the Evil Dr Diddly Dudwrong aka Sam 2.  In the end blue team was able to stave off the lightly rostered white team and gain a  much needed 15 – 9 victory.

PS: I hope you all enjoyed this week’s recap.  For those tragically born without a sense of humor, I’m sincerely sorry if I’ve offended you.

PSS: I know Julian’s name is spelled with a “G” as in “G”uilain…. There, I’ve literally spelled that joke out for you.

Written By: Corey Whittaker w/ Gin


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