Week 5 – Previews

Commissioner’s Note: Game at Carter Park, 1450 W Sunrise Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311.
Green/Red – Turf
White/Blue – Grass


I Like Turtles vs Red Hot Cherry Poppers

Red is just like Hansel… the hottest team in the league right now; winning their last 2 games in a row. They face off against one of the most even keeled teams in I Like Turtles. The poppers will have to use their frenetic high flying style to try and force turns against a stingy green offense. There will be a bit of wind this weekend, 10-13 mph, which certainly plays into Green’s handler heavy roster. This game will also be played on the fast turf of Carter Park. Hopefully the poppers have ample arm and leg sleeves or they’ll be sporting some bad cases of road rash with their wanton layout style of play. This game should be a barn burner with both teams having heavily contrasting styles of play. In the end, I think the green team’s patience and grinding style of play will wear red down in the end.

Prediction: I Like Turtles 15, Red Hot Cherry Poppers 14

I Blue Myself vs Plain White D’s

Just like how the “cream rises to the top”. Plain White D’s have the target on their backs as the team to beat this season. It doesn’t matter if their whole team is there, or they’re missing the top half of their roster, they’ve just found ways to win. In trickle down talent economic theory, the standout defensive play of Garcia and the break artist ability of Andrea, the captains on this squad definitely sets the tone. Blue is coming into this game on a bit of a skid but looks to try and stem the bleeding this week. They’ve never been out in any game this season and could easily be 4-0 rather than 1-3. White undeniably has the fastest players in league even if you don’t count their cannons. Blue will have to throw the kitchen sink at them to slow them down.

Prediction: Plain White D’s 15, I Blue Myself 13

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