Week 4 – Recap

Red Hot Cherry Poppers 15, I Blue Myself 14

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Red team was true to their name this week, coming out of the gate HOT, popping cherries left and right. They started with two quick breaks to put Blue on their heels. Blue answered, but weakly, allowing two more breaks before limping to half down 4-8. I Blue Myself’s offense was solid for the most part, but had trouble in the red zone. Red’s offense was also flowing well. It may have been spotty at times, but they capitalized when they had the opportunities. Matt Bristol did most of the heavy lifting for Red with an impressive 5 scores, 3 assists and 5 Ds. Blue, on the other hand, spread scores and assists fairly evenly across the board. Blue came out of half fired up, ready for a comeback. With Sam’s family present, team morale was soaring. They found their stride offensively with a few deep looks and Megan Bock coming down with some key jump balls. Red continued to play consistent offense, but a few forced turnovers and the wind gave Blue the opportunities they needed. Slowly but surely, break by break, they worked their way back just as time cap was coming on. Blue outscored Red 10-7 in the second half to bring it to universe point. Unfortunately for them, Red’s consistent offense ultimately prevailed with workhorse Matt Bristol coming down with his 5th and final score to take the game 15-14.

Written by: Giulian Jauregui

Plain White D’s 15, I Like Turtles 9

[Game Stats]

Stuff happened. Mischa showed up and is still very tall and still very good as his equally tall brother Peter seemed to have trouble containing him. Jeremy went boating instead. White won.

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