Week 4 – Previews

Commish Note: We will once again have cricket coming in after us. Games will have to start on time, I will literally be picking up cones regardless of the status of the games going on at noon sharp.

Red Hot Cherry Poppers vs I Blue Myself

Red looked great in their game against white. The big question will be how will they distribute the roles with the addition of Edwin, Bristol, Anish and others who were out last week, was it addition by subtraction? Blue also looks to rebound against a tough loss to I Like Turtles last week. Conditions look to be the same as last week with 10 mph winds, an annoyance but manageable. This game will come down to really one factor; leadership. Catie and Shaun will need to continue to reign in their team to play disciplined ultimate. Blue will need to figure out how to deal with the new parts and new scheme of this Red team; while Sanders was the lone addition, this team looks way different from the team they faced week 1. Red looked great last week, and I can’t imagine them taking a step backwards with re-adding weapons like Edwin, Anish and Bristol.

Prediction: Red Hot Cherry Poppers 15, I Blue Myself 13

I Like Turtles vs Plain White D’s

A rematch of what was possibly one of the most epic battles this season. The big questions marks will be, who will be at the game? Week 1 showcased white’s ability to win without the 6’7 wife carrying monster that is Mischa Freystaetter. With Rie on his shoulders, that total height increases to 10’3. Is that even coverable? Real talk, both these teams are scary good. Both these teams will likely be missing a player here or there. Both have the leadership at the helm to adjust, exploit, and attack. I can’t make a call so I decided my prediction via coin flip, giving it to green.

Prediction: I Like Turtles 15, Plain White D’s 14

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