Week 3 Recap!

Red Hot Cherry Poppers 15, Plain White D’s 7

[Game Stats]

Plain White D’s were essentially running on fumes, starting the game savage and receiving reinforcements as the day wore on. Red Hot Cherry Poppers have always been good about fielding a full squad, but this time they managed to get them all involved. The old Pompeii throwback handler line of Elfrink, Rocco and Sanders allowed Tony to move further downfield where he could do more damage. Sanders specifically brought a much needed steady hand to the backfield, allowing red to use their athletic cutters do what that do best. On defense, literally bodies were flying as Red generated numerous turns against a thin white squad. Garcia paved the way trying to get white back into the game generating turn after turn, but white missing the top half of their draft just kept coming up short and unable convert on break chances. Even if white was able to fill a full roster, red finally seemed to find the key to their team. Borrowing from computer science, they learned the value of separation of concerns. With a more rounded out roster, they can finally get the handlers handle, let the cutters cut, and all of them go apeshit on D. This is a much strategy rather than forcing their players to step up by playing out of position.

I Like Turtles 14, I Blue Myself 11

[Game Stats]

Finally the wind decided to take a break this week giving way to some great weather conditions for ultimate. Unfortunate for blue I Like Turtles shot out to an early lead with crispy team-centric play. Calm, cool and collected, Blue managed to stem the bleeding forcing a few breaks led by a great goal line foot block by Stacy Leatherman. Kinetic give and go play by Frank and Roosevelt helped blue to try and get their offense going through Green’s zone defense. Somehow blue managed to right the ship and draw the game even at 6-6. As quick as the comeback began, they started to sputter out of half as green retook the lead but alas in the end green played like a well oiled machine and looking at the stat sheet, got everyone involved and blew by I Blue Myself. Match goes to green.

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