Week 3 – Previews

Red Hot Cherry Poppers vs Plain White D’s aka the Battle of the Bands

While not a song by the Plain White T’s whites anthem has definitely been “All I Do is Win“. The Red Hot Cherry Poppers come in looking to change their tune and inflict some “Scar Tissue” on the undefeated white team. While their season so far has been categorized as a “Natural Disaster“, Red adds Mike Sanders to the mix hoping his experience and skills with the disc will allow Red to make more than “1, 2, 3, 4” consecutive passes. “By the Way” white is looking to be missing Connor, Looney, Misha and Mckelvey this weekend. White is still a plenty deep team with a “Can’t Stop” mentality, but this is literally red’s game to “Give It Away“. I “Hate” to say it but I’m giving Red the advantage this week in a close battle which should give “Pause” to every team in the league.

Prediction: Red Hot Cherry Poppers 15, Plain White D’s 14

I Blue Myself vs I Like Turtles

This should be another extremely close game. I Like Turtles thrives on making zero mistakes on the field. They are the most evenly balanced team in the league with an equal distribution¬†of steady handlers, aggressive cutters, and lock down defenders (if you know they show up… ahem kobe). The only team looking to match that ying and yang is I Blue Myself. Blue will be hungry to redeem themselves always blowing a sizable lead to lose on universe against white last week. Both teams will lose important role players on their O and D lines this weekend but it still looks to be one hell of a game. I think green will have a tough time containing Pitts, and Blue’s dominant women cutters giving them the slight advantage in another great game where everyone down the roster will have to step up.

Prediction: I Blue Myself 15, I Like Turtles 14

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